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Standard Calibration Package - Single Body & 2 Lenses

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Want tack sharp images?  Want your body tuned to have more accurate exposure metering, shutter speeds and AF speed? Want to know if your lenses have any issues?
This is what you want then
Price is for 1 Body and 2 lens. Any number of lenses can be added on for $40 each. Includes printouts of graphing for test results.
-1 X Full Body Calibration and adjustment (Includes internal autofocus calibration, shutter timing, X contact timing, metering & auto exposure calibration, pixel pitch analysis)
-1 X Firmware and Distortion Data file updates
-2 X Computer Focus Calibrations for 2 lenses to get the sharpest image possible and calibrate the RGB for optimal phase detection.
-2 X Lens alignments checked on laser Collimator for decentering
-Autofocus Consistency Test
-Aperture Sharpness test to determine DLA (Diffraction Limited Aperture)
Individual focus point test to ensure all focal points are performing within a minimum spec of each other.
-Body Diagnostics which includes model, serial number, shutter count, mirror box count, shutter and mirror replacement history and error codes.