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Lens Diagnostics

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 We provide the fastest and most accurate lens repair possible. Using diagnostic software, optical calibration tools, Laser Auto-collimators and computer controlled tuning, your lenses will be better than factory specifications after your repair.

Only proper JIS drivers direct from manufacturers and torque limiting electric drivers are used to ensure there are no stripped or damaged screws common in DIY repairs. And top of the line grounding mats, voltmeters, oscilloscopes, ESR meters and digital soldering and rework stations are used for all repairs.

All reassembly is done under a Laminar Flow hood to ensure a dust and spore free environment, to reduce the likelihood of stray particles inside the lens.

The Repair Process

Step #1: Diagnosing the problem
Although we try to give rough estimates on repairs ahead of time, the only way to truly determine the cost is often to disassemble the camera to find the source of the problem. Some problems are easy to diagnose externally but some require considerable diagnostic time. So a diagnostic charge applies to all repairs at time of drop off but is applied to the cost of the repair if it's found economical to proceed.

Step #2: Parts and labor estimate
Once the problem has been diagnosed, an accurate estimate of time and parts cost can be made.  We will contact you with the quote and you decide if you want to proceed with the repairs. If you do, the diagnostics fee is applied to your repair bill. We order parts, if not already in stock and repair your camera. Any parts over $50 need to be prepaid before ordering.

Step #3: Testing and return
Each repair is thoroughly tested and evaluated.  Once we are confident the unit is good to go we will contact you to pickup the camera and square up the bill. All repairs carry a 90 Day Warranty so you don't have to worry about repeat issues. If the camera has the same issue again in 90 days, it's repaired free. If it can't be repaired you will receive a full refund minus the diagnostic fee.