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Pro Calibration Package - 2 x Bodies & 4 Lenses

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Tack Sharp images.....Check.
All your lenses matched perfectly to both your bodies....Check.
Both bodies calibrated and adjusted to their peak performance level....Check.

If you're a Professional Photographer or avid hobbyist shooting with 2 bodies, this is the package for you.
Price is for 2 Bodies and 4 lens. Any number of lenses can be added on for $40 each. Includes printouts of graphing for test results.
-2 X Full Body Calibrations and adjustment (Includes internal autofocus calibration, shutter timing, X contact timing, metering & auto exposure calibration, pixel pitch analysis)
-2 X Firmware and Distortion Data File update
-8 X Computer Focus Calibrations for 4 lenses to both bodies for the sharpest image possible and calibrate the RGB for optimal phase detection.
-4 X Lenses alignment checked on laser Collimator for decentering.
-Autofocus Consistency Test
-Aperture Sharpness test to determine DLA (Diffraction Limited Aperture)
-Individual focus point test to ensure all focal points are performing within a minimum spec of each other.
-2 X Body Diagnostics which includes model, serial number, shutter count, mirror box count, shutter and mirror replacement history and error codes