COVID-19 Cleaning Precautions

  In response to growing health concerns over COVID-19 spread, Paramount Camera Repair has implemented a number of cleaning and sterilization procedures to ensure our staff and customers a clean and healthy environment. We are still open normal hours for all your camera and lens repair, cleaning and calibration services.

  *FREE return shipping for all customers in Saskatchewan. If you have dropped off or are shipping your gear in, we will return ship your sterilized gear for NO CHARGE if you have concerns about coming to Saskatoon or the store.
   *All customer surfaces such as counters and keypads are disinfected after each customer.
  *All of our used inventory for sale has been disinfected and UV sterilized. Any equipment handled will be disinfected and UV sterilized before being placed back in the display cases.
  *All equipment being shipped out after repair or picked up in store will be UV sterilized and disinfected before being packed to ship or prepped for pick up.
  *We accept shipped gear locally if you have concerns about coming into the store. Just cronus a message for details.
  *Hepa Filter Air purifiers are already used in our repair areas to filter dust and spores at our benches. We have added additional air filtration in the customer area.
   *Any customer that have just returned from over seas travel are asked to refrain from bringing their gear in for 2 weeks after returning.
   Alcohol based cleaning and UV sterilization is already common practice in our camera and lens cleaning procedures but we are increasing the use to ensure we minimize any health concerns.

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