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DSLR Camera Repairs

All makes and models

  Digital SLRs and Mirrorless Cameras are definitely our most commonly repaired equipment that comes through the shop.
Autofocus & Metering issues 
Shutter errors
Flash errors
Broken LCD screens
No power symptoms
Damaged or stuck buttons
Full shutter replacements.

  We have the service software and measuring equipment to properly shim the sensor after removal, adjust the factory offsets and fine tune the shutter timing. So your camera is better than the day you bought it.

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saskatoon camera repair canada mirrorless sony

Point & Shoot Camera Repairs

 There are many problems with smaller mirrorless cameras that are still economical to fix. And many professional Canon, Nikon and Sony mirrorless cameras that need service too.
  Stuck lens, sticky zoom buttons and lens errors are very common. It's often worth the cost of an estimate to find out if they are worth fixing. We repair all makes and models including Canon, Nikon, Panasonic Lumix and Sony.

2 ways to get your gear in

In Person: Stop by our shop at #205-135 Robin Cr in Saskatoon, Sk during business hours and we will take care of everything.

By Mail: Many of our customers are not in the Saskatoon area or even in Saskatchewan. We accept repairs from Regina, Moose Jaw and anywhere in Canada. Simply scroll down to the bottom of this page and fill out our Self-Serve Repair Form. It will walk you through all the info we need. 
  You pay your diagnostics fee by credit card at the end of the form.
  You can pay your final repair bill later by Email E-Transfer, Credit Card, Google Pay, Android Pay, Apple Pay or Paypal. Once the camera is received, it will go in line for diagnostics.

Gear can be mailed to:
Paramount Camera Repair
#205-135 Robin Cr
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7L 6M3


Please refer to our packing tips here: How to ship your gear


Does not include GST and PST
Camera Diagnostics - $40 Due at dropoff
Camera Repairs - $90/hr  (minimum 1/2hr charge)
Camera Calibrations/Adjustments - $90/hr

Common repair costs:
Average DSLR Repair: $160-440 + parts
Average Point&Shoot Repair: $90-160 + parts
Average LCD Replacement: $180-$270
Average Shutter Replacement: $400-$600 parts & labor. (New shutters includes 1 year warranty)

Some repairs will be less or more than the above but this is
an average cost. More details can be found in the Self-Serve Submission form at the bottom of the page.

Repairs in days not months

With shipping your gear off to manufacturers often taking several weeks or even months to get cleaned and repaired, we strive for the fastest turn around possible. Many repairs can be completed in a day or 2 and the wait time is often only a few days for diagnostics.
Some more complicated repairs or repairs requiring hard to find parts can take longer but we always strive for the fastest turnaround possible.

The Repair Process

Step #1: Diagnosing the problem
Although we try to give rough estimates on repairs ahead of time, the only way to truly determine the cost is often to disassemble the camera to find the source of the problem. Some problems are easy to diagnose externally but some require considerable diagnostic time. So a diagnostic charge applies to all repairs at time of drop off but is applied to the cost of the repair if it's found economical to proceed.

Step #2: Parts and labor estimate
Once the problem has been diagnosed, an accurate estimate of time and parts cost can be made.  We will contact you with the quote and you decide if you want to proceed with the repairs. If you do, the diagnostics fee is applied to your repair bill. We order parts, if not already in stock and repair your camera. Any parts over $100 need to be prepaid before ordering.

Step #3: Testing and return
Each repair is thoroughly tested and evaluated.  Once we are confident the unit is good to go we will contact you to pickup the camera and square up the bill. All repairs carry a 90 Day Warranty so you don't have to worry about repeat issues. If the camera has the same issue again in 90 days, it's repaired free. If it can't be repaired you will receive a full refund minus the diagnostic fee and shipping.

We got your back

Don't worry about your gear after a repair. We back every repair we do with a 90 Day Warranty!
If you have any of the same issues just let us know and bring your gear back in for free service. If it's found not economical to continue repairing, we will refund the repair and parts costs.

We will be blunt here, we don't do half-assed repairs.
Its preferred to fix something right the first time so its as good or better than manufacturer specifications. Gimmicky glued grips and taped wires has no place in our shop. We have invested a lot into proper diagnostics software, manufacturer grade tools, service documentation and expensive test equipment. We are results driven and have been known to go above and beyond for customer satisfaction. We think it's the only way to do it.

Looking for Used Cameras and Lenses?

Paramount Camera & Repair is the only place you can buy used camera and lenses that are Cleaned, Tested, Inspected and Calibrated before being sold.
And backed by our 90 day Repair Warranty. 

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