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Camera Repairs Canada Lens Repair

Start accepting Camera & Lens Repairs at your business, Today.

* Offer your customers a repair & cleaning service for cameras, lenses, film cameras and flashes

* You Keep the diagnostics fee you choose to charge because we waive our $40 diagnostics fee

* Get a 10% profit share on every repair bill

* Get FREE return shipping on all repairs and cleanings

* Priority diagnostics and repairs

* No long waits from manufacturers and we repair all discontinued cameras and lenses that manufacturers won't

  Brought to you by Paramount Camera Repair, no one could be more qualified to provide your business reliable, quality Camera, Lens and Film Repairs, at affordable prices.
  With over 10,000 DSLR and Mirror-less camera and lens repairs over the years, and thousands of satisfied customers, we have seen it all. We are well known for our honest and straight forward diagnostics and quotes, and affordable repairs that are always less than manufacturer quotes and backed by our 3 month warranty.
  We have years of testing, repairing and using almost every DSLR and Mirror-less camera and lens from Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Mamiya, Fujicon, Phase One, Olympus and more.

Camera Repairs Canada Lens Repair
Camera Repairs Canada Lens Repair
Camera Repairs Canada Lens Repair
Camera Repairs Canada Lens Repair

Table Of Content

  • Diagnostics & Repair Process
  • Shipping & Services
  • Turn around times
  • Repair Warranty

1. Diagnostics & Repair Process

  When a customer brings in a camera or lens for repair, you can collect your diagnostics fee and shipping charge, as well as information on the Make, Model, Serial number and issues needing repair.

  Jump online and fill out our Online B2B Service Request Form at the bottom of this page and print out a copy to include in the box.

  Once received, we will do diagnostics and send you an email or text quote and you can contact your customer for approval. Once approved we will repair your gear and send a final invoice you can pay online, including your 10% discount you can keep when you collect from your customer at pickup.

  We pack your gear up and ship it back.

Camera Repairs Canada Lens Repair

Offer your existing and new customers added value with repair services

Adding Camera & Lens Repair services to your Camera Store increases in store purchases with a Value Added service. Plus you make additional revenue off your 10% Profit Share with every repair and you choose and keep your diagnostics fee at drop off.

Camera Repairs Canada Lens Repair

2. Shipping & Services

  You can choose the shipping method, cost and handling fee at your location when a customer drops off a repair.
  We offer FREE return shipping back to you on any gear that is billed or a cleaning, repair or service. If a camera or lens is not economical to fix or the customer declines the repair quote, there will be a return shipping charge to return the item.

Check out our guide on how to safely pack cameras and lenses for shipping HERE.

Located in the middle of Saskatchewan, Canada, we are conveniently located for quick shipping to and from any corner of the province.

Services we provide

DSLR Camera Diagnostics, repairs and cleaning

Mirrorless Camera Diagnostics, repairs and cleaning

Lens diagnostics, repairs and cleaning

Focus Calibrations

Film camera repairs, CLA, calibrations and cleaning

3. Turn around times

  With repairs from manufacturers taking weeks and often months, we typically have a wait time of 1 to 7 days for diagnostics, sometimes 1 to 2 weeks when shop load is high.
  We carry thousands of new genuine parts in house but if we need to order parts, they typically take 1 to 3 weeks and we will let you know at the time of quoting.
  Our B2B customers get priority diagnostics, putting you ahead in line for a quote and repairs.

4. Repair Warranty

  All repairs carry a 3 month warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. If you experience the same issue again it is repaired again for free and/or you will be refunded the repair and parts costs if deemed irreparable or not economic to continue repairing. Diagnostic & shipping fees are non-refundable.

There is no warranty provided for work done on any equipment that has been previously disassembled by anyone, other than a qualified repair shop, to attempt a repair. No warranty is provided for equipment repaired that has been damaged by water, moisture or severe impact.