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Professional and honest service. That's it.
We pride ourselves on the best possible repair and parts quality. Plus, open and honest estimates on whether equipment is economical to repair or not. We charge hourly only what we spend on a unit (often we spend more time than billed) and charge only our cost on parts and shipping. We don't make our money marking up parts costs and padding shipping.

DSLR camera and lens repair is not for the faint of heart. Nowadays cameras and lenses are packed with micro electronics and complex mechanisms. Taking it apart and reassembling it alone can be an overwhelming task let alone repairing it. Diagnostics and reassembly often involves computerized diagnostic equipment for recalibration.

With years of electrical engineering and vision system design experience coupled with extensive camera and lens repair experience, Paramount Camera Repair offers the best service and experience to get your gear back in the field. We look forward to making you a customer for life.

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Our Story

  We are a Full Time, Registered, Licensed and Insured business, located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Paramount Camera & Repair has been repairing DSLR cameras and Lenses for over 10 years. What started out as a small, homebased part time shop alongside an electronics repair business, quickly grew in demand and is now the only Camera Repair shop in Saskatchewan and one of the most sought after shops in Canada.
  In 2017, Paramount Camera Repair expanded and cut off any repair services not camera related to focus solely on becoming the best Camera Repair Shop in Canada. We have rapidly expanded to accept shipped repairs from every corner of Canada and have become the preferred service shop for hundreds of Professional Photographers in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and the surrounding provinces.
  In early 2018, by popular demand, Paramount Camera & Repair expanded it's used equipment sales and consignment program to streamline its constantly sold out used inventory. Every piece of equipment we sell, whether on consignment or refurbished, is Cleaned, Inspected, Calibrated, Tested and Warrantied for 90 Days.  There was a huge demand for quality used gear but people are always afraid of buying someone else's problem equipment. So we took the guess work out of buying used with an honest rating system and full servicing before selling.
  In late 2018, with equipment still selling out as fast as it comes in, Paramount Camera & Repair expanded yet again, turning to Ecommerce giant Shopify, for a solution. Integrating the website and shopping system has allowed us to link all our sales channels to a live inventory with real time shipping quotes so Photographers all over Canada have access to our Used inventory.
  In 2019, Paramount Camera & Repair expanded yet again into a new shop and added a retail storefront to sell used equipment, new accessories and consignment gear.
  We look forward to growing with all of our customers in the coming years and finding new ways to serve you better.

New & Used Parts in Stock

With hundreds and hundreds of camera models out there, its hard to have everything. But we try. With 1000s of new and used parts in stock to eliminate wait times for ordering replacements.

The Best Support

We are well know for going the extra mile for our customers....and then going even further than that. We proudly stand behind our 90 Day warranty on all repairs.

Buy used cameras and lenses, worry free.

Everyone likes to save money. And buying used gear is a great way. We take the worry and guesswork out of buying used with a 90 Day Warranty and Guarantee that all gear is inspected and cleaned.