We make selling your good used gear and broken gear easier than ever

Whether you want to upgrade or have lenses and cameras you just don't use anymore, we make it easy, and worry free, no matter where you are in Canada.
Have broken or damaged cameras and lenses? We buy parts gear as well for cash or in store repair credit.

Turn your broken gear into Free Repairs, Cleaning, Calibrations or Cash
We buy parts cameras and lenses too.
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Why sell on consignment with Paramount Camera & Repair?

Besides it being so easy.

The Best Price

We buy and sell a lot and can make sure we get a fair price for your used cameras and lenses. And we charge the lowest commission around. Plus gear with our 90 Day Warranty often sells for more.  

Sell with Confidence

Unlike most stores, before selling any piece of gear, it is cleaned, tested, inspected and evaluated so we can sell it with our 90 Day Guarantee and with complete confidence.

Turn your used gear into cash

If your used gear is just collecting dust cause you haven't had time to sell it, why not turn it into cash while you spend time doing something else?

No Hassle

Tired of getting scam emails and no time for tire kickers? Sick of constant questions and inquires? Just kick back and let us do the work. We find the buyer and we do the dealing.

Huge Reach

When we sell your gear it goes on all of our popular sales platforms. Our store, Facebook Shop, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, Kijiji and Ebay. We make it easy to find your gear.

Worry Free

You don't have to worry about fraudulent payments or responding to inquires. We package and ship it too. We do it all for you. And if it doesn't sell, you get it backed cleaned, for Free.

How does it work?

Selling your used camera or lens has never been easier or more affordable.

Step 1
Contact Us Below or Stop In

First send us a message with your info including the Make and Model of the gear you want to sell.
Also include any known issues and the current condition of the gear.
Or bring your gear into the store.
We will print out a consignment contract and discuss the terms and pricing.

Step 2
Evaluation and Cleaning

We will then thoroughly test and evaluate the condition and function of your camera or lens.
Internally and externally clean it.
Then establish a fair street price for the gear, professionally photograph it and post it up for sale across all our marketing channels.
All for free. Any repairs necessary to make salable are deducted from the sale price. NOTE: Film cameras requiring a CLA (Clean, lube, adjust) to make saleable will have $140 deducted from the sale price to pay for the service.

Step 3
Payout or Return

When your item sells, we box it up and ship to the buyer, then we will notify you and send you a receipt and payment, minus our commission, within 5 business days. Payment can be made by either Email Transfer or pickup Cash.
If your gear doesn't sell in 90 days, you get it back, cleaned and inspected for free.

FAQs about Consignment

What is Consignment?
How much do you charge for commssion?
How does it work?
Why wouldn't I just sell my own gear?
How long do you get to sell it exclusively?
What if I change my mind or my friend wants to buy it off me?

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Canada's best source for Used Cameras & Lenses

All product are 100% inspected, tested and cleaned before being sold. No more buying cameras with dirty sensors. Or lenses with decentered elements. Backed by our 90 Day Repair Warranty.

Trade in your Photography Gear for Cash or Credit

Trade in your broken cameras and lenses for cash or credit towards your lens cleaning, calibration, repair or whatever you like.