Hanimex automatic MC hmc f=200mm f/3.3 exellent

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Quality HANIMEX MC 200mm (FIXED) f3.3 (TELEPHOTO) CANON EF & EF-S mount lens

 lens cap

Optics: 9/10
Function: 10/10


Product Info:

Quality HANIMEX MC 200mm (FIXED) f3.3 lens (TELEPHOTO)

CANON EOS EF & EF-S cameras

This lens has been adapted using a M42 (42mm screw thread) to EOS EF EF/S adaptor

This is a relatively fast lens for the focal length of 200mm

This telephoto lens, and can be used in a variety of ways

A telephoto lens will compress the image so it looks like the objects are closer together

It may also be good for bird or sports photography

It's good whenever you need this field of view and magnification

The lens is a manual focus & aperture only

Made in Japan

ø 67 mm filter size

Serial No. 762332

Lens barrel made of metal

Has a built-in retractable lens hood to avoid glare

Includes 67mm pinch to open front cap and plastic CANON EF/EFS rear cap

Lens employs multiple glass lenses unlike most modern lenses

Fairly heavy because of the lens arrangement and build quality

Good clean optics for superior image capture