20% Off All Camera & Lens Cleanings For January 2019

Saskatoon Camera Lens Cleaning Sensor Cleaning Paramount Camera Repair

For all of January, receive 20% off instantly, any DSLR or Lens cleaning service.

There are 2 body cleaning options, Full service cleaning and sensor only. You can find the details on our cleaning page here: https://www.paramountcamerarepair.com/pages/camera-cleaning

Lens cleaning have 2 options, external only or internal. Our internal cleanings involving disassembly include inspection, lubricating barrels, checking for decentering, collimator testing and calibration. You can find all details here: https://www.paramountcamerarepair.com/pages/lens-cleaning

Call, text or message to book a drop off time and take advantage of this huge savings, until Jan 31st 2019.

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