Sell your used cameras and lenses the easy way

Consignment is when you bring in cameras and lens you want to sell, we sell them for you, take the picture, post the add, put them in our store, and process the transaction with the buyer. You get paid once it sells, minus a small commission. For example, if you bring in a used lens with a street price of about $200. We sell it for you, get paid $200 and send you $150, and keep $50 for commission.

We have separated ourselves from other local and online shops by adding significant value to our consignment program.

We also clean, inspect and test every item for free. Its included in your consignment fee that comes off the final sale.

This not only ensures you get the most value out of your gear but also helps us maintain our reputation of selling only the best gear with honest condition ratings.

And we provide 90 days repair warranty on your items. Which increases their used value.

For more information check out our consignment page HERE.

We have an easy online form to fill out for a fast response and to get your gear in quick. Drop offs or mail in is welcome.

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